7 Divorce Facts You Need to Know if You Live in Peabody

Ending a marriage can be a complicated and emotional process, and can be made even more difficult by a complex legal process. Indeed, in order to legally terminate a union, a couple must go through the Peabody family courts. If you live in Peabody and are about to marry or are thinking about divorce, here are seven divorce facts you need to know–

1. You Have to Be a Resident of Massachusetts to File for Divorce

In order to file for divorce in Massachusetts, you will need to have lived in the state for a time period of at least one year. You can mitigate the one year requirement if the cause for your divorce occurred within the state.

2. Divorce Is Stressful

Before you make the decision to dissolve your marriage, you should think about all of the consequences that divorce may bring, including personal stress. In fact, divorce may be so stressful that researchers from Duke University concluded that women who get divorced are more likely to suffer a heart attack than are married women.

3. Your Property Will Be Up for Grabs in a Divorce

Remember that when couples divorce, they need to divide property in a manner that is equitable. Further, remember that all marital property–which means property that is acquired during the course of the marriage–is subject to division.

4. Divorce Is Becoming More Common Amongst Older Couples, But May Be More Complex

Divorce used to be a pretty rare occurrence amongst those over the age of 50, but in a two decade time period (1990-2010), the divorce rate amongst people 50 and older doubled. But divorce amongst older people can be complex, as older couples may have more questions about dividing retirement accounts, permanent alimony awards, and may have more assets than younger couples.

5. You Don’t Have to Prove Fault to Divorce in Peabody

If you are sure that you’re ready to terminate your marriage in Peabody, you can initiate the process without having to prove fault of your spouse, such as adultery or abandonment. Instead, you can seek no-fault grounds for divorce, called “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.”

6. If You Show Contempt for Your Spouse, Divorce Is More Likely

An article published by Business Insider explains that it’s not just having fights that predicts the strength of a marriage; when couples in a relationship show contempt for one another, they are more likely to split up. If you want to save your marriage, trying to replace your feelings of contempt for your spouse with a more positive, patient attitude is recommended.

Keep in mind that if divorce is inevitable, showing contempt for your spouse may make the process of ending your marriage more difficult as couples need to work together to determine how issues in the divorce will be resolved, such as how property will be divided or with whom children will live. Cooperation and being amicable is key.

7. Divorce Isn’t Free

Finally, consider that divorce in Peabody isn’t free – in fact, it can be very expensive by the time you add up filing fees, court fees, and lawyer fees. At the base level, just the filing fee for divorce in Massachusetts is $200.

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